About Us


CNABIOTECH Co., Ltd. is a company
that pursues health, youth, and pleasure.

We are doing our best to become a company that improves the quality of life together with customers under the philosophy of “unity with customers” to provide the highest satisfaction and trust to customers by finding products and services that customers are looking for one step ahead and providing new values.

By giving functionality through bold and continuous R&D investment following the development of vegetable collagen, marine collagen and collagen peptide, which form the basis, we, CNABIOTECH Co., Ltd. who believe that the best quality is the only way to grow into the best bio company, will achieve continuous growth with the best high value-added industry in the 21st century based on our higher technology in the field of biotechnology, such as the development of surfactants and skin-related physiologically active substances.

Professional production
at the forefront of next-generation collagen

By establishing an industry-university-research joint development system, we will intensively foster bio-industrial materials as a competitive industry and leap forward as the best bio-venture company that creates world-class results in this field. Considering the value of people as the best asset, CNABIOTECH Co., Ltd. allows them to fully demonstrate their creativity and potential. We promise to grow together with you through open management at all times.

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Thank you.

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