Collagen information

What is Collagen?

Collagen, one of the most important biological materials, as a protein material that makes up living organisms
Collagen is the most abundant animal-derived protein and is a precursor to gelatin, which is currently used commercially in various fields. It is a fibrous structural protein that exists in all multicellular animals, from sponges to vertebrates, and accounts for about 30% of the total protein in mammals. Collagen is divided into about 20 types according to size and function, tissue distribution and structure, and supramolecular matrix, etc. Among them, collagen type-I is the most important molecule that accounts for 85-90% of all collagen, and is not only the main component of the dermis and bone, but also distributed in each organ in the living body. Its molecular weight is about 300 kDa, and it is a fibrous molecule with a length of 280 to 300 nm and a diameter of 1.4 to 1.5 nm. Unlike other proteins, collagen has no function as a single molecule that exists alone, and only plays its role in the living body when multiple molecules combine to form a higher-order structure. Collagen occupies 1/3 of all proteins in mammals and is the main protein of connective tissues such as skin, bones, tendons, blood vessels, and corneas. It carries out various biological roles, such as delivering to bone, serving as a substrate for supporting various living cells, relating to the differentiation of various cells necessary for life, and causing hemostasis by causing platelet aggregation during bleeding. Therefore, it can be said that collagen is a major component that builds various extracellular organs in the living body. When ingested, collagen, like other proteins, is broken down by digestive enzymes in the digestive tract and absorbed mostly in the form of amino acids. Collagen improves immune function, promotes cell regeneration, strengthens joints, and provides excellent skin beauty effects by activating the skin's metabolism and maintaining moisturizing power.
  • 피부탄력

    Skin elasticity

    All the phenomena caused by lack of collagen can be restored to their original state.

  • 뼈관절건강

    Bone and joint health

    It is also good for osteoporosis and has research results showing that it is excellent for growth promoting effects.

  • 혈액순환

    Blood circulation

    It also helps to improve blood circulation by preventing free radicals from attacking collagen.

  • 피부윤기

    Skin luster

    Collagen decreases with age, which is prevented to rejuvenate the skin.